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Discover the warmth and vibrancy of senior living at Hickory Valley Retirement by scheduling a personalized tour of our community in Chattanooga, TN. Experience firsthand what makes our community a preferred choice for seniors seeking an active, fulfilling lifestyle. A tour of Hickory Valley Retirement is not just about seeing the physical space; it’s about feeling the welcoming atmosphere and envisioning the quality of life that awaits you or your loved ones.

During your visit, you’ll have the opportunity to explore our beautifully designed living spaces, from the elegant, spacious apartments to the well-maintained communal areas like our dining room, lounge areas, and fitness center. Witness the vibrant lifestyle our residents enjoy, with a glimpse into the range of activities, from wellness classes to social gatherings. Our friendly staff will be available to answer all your questions, providing insights into the daily experiences of our residents, the range of services we offer, and the sense of community that defines Hickory Valley Retirement.

Your tour will also include a walk through our beautifully landscaped grounds, showcasing the serene environment that our residents cherish. Whether it’s the Independent Living or Assisted Living options you’re exploring, you’ll get a comprehensive understanding of the amenities, services, and care we provide. It’s a chance to see how our residents enjoy their days, engage with their peers, and make the most of the retirement lifestyle.

Embark on a journey to explore the possibilities of retirement living at its finest. Schedule your tour at Hickory Valley Retirement today and take the first step towards discovering a community where every day brings new opportunities for joy, wellness, and connection. Let us show you why our residents are proud to call Hickory Valley Retirement home.

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    Great! Our Independent Living starting price is $2,600 and our Personal Care starting price is $3,300. Our team is ready to answer your questions and show you how our community can meet your needs and bring you a vibrant and engaging senior living experience, a place you can call home. Feel free to call us, email us, or continue with this contact form so that we can show you more and give you a personalized tour of our community.
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